Peoples Church

Registration for PC Youth Summer Camp

Dates: July 26 - 29
Location: Triangle Lake
Registration Deadline: July 19


  • $225/person
  • $10 Non-Refundable deposit required to register

A completed and signed 2021 PC Youth Summer Camp Waiver must be turned in for each person under the age of 18 registered to attend the camp. Follow the link to print out the waiver form or pick one up at the Peoples Church office. You can turn in the completed form to the Peoples Church office or to Spencer Clements anytime prior to the event. Without a completed and signed waiver form, you will not be able to attend PC Youth Summer Camp!


Click on the Start button below to begin the registration process.

You will be asked to log in using your account. If you do not have one, choose the "Register for an Account"  option. If you have registered for an event in the past, you may already have a account. If you think this is the case, but do not remember your Login ID or Password, use the "Forgot Login ID" or "Forgot Password" options after clicking the "Start" button to attempt to recover your account login/password.

If you are registering more than one person, use the "Add Individual" button to complete the registration form for each person.

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